Welcome to the web site for Hidden Gem Recording Studio.  We specialize in digital audio recording for tracking, mixing, mastering, audio production, podcasts, online and streaming audio and broadcasting, and related disciplines.  We welcome free pre-booking visits to see the studio and discuss your project. All work is done by appointment.

For more info, contact Gordon Cunningham, owner, at 207-370-2015, and please leave a detailed message if I don’t pick up – I may be recording someone when you call!

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PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the number of scammers and no-shows I’ve endured in the last couple years, I’ve had to institute a $50 non-refundable deposit policy for new clients which must be paid before booking your session will be confirmed.  I accept cash, PayPal, CashApp, or credit/debit cards for this.  This deposit will be credited toward your session costs.  Contact me for further details.

“(Gordon) always seems to know what works for instrumentation and has always found what works best for any idea I’ve brought to (him).” 
– Phil Hendricks, The Custodians of Rock ‘n Roll, May 2013

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