At HGRS I work with an eye (or rather an ear) toward the final product.  What are you trying to accomplish?  What means do you take to get there?  I’m not hung up on the latest/greatest/most expensive gear/software (although often there are reasons those ARE the greatest).  No, if the sound you want is produced by a $3 mic with waxed paper, then by all means, use the $3 mic and waxed paper!  But we do insist on doing it right.

I also adjust my approach for the type of recording or the style of music, etc.  This business is infinitely variable in what works and what people want, what people hear.  While I respect the tried-and-true methods for certain sounds, I love to experiment and make room for “happy accidents” that so often “make” the recording that much more special and unique.

My goal is to produce and capture the sound in your head, and maybe introduce you to other possibilities when you’re not quite sure what that sound in your head IS.  It’s always nice to know exactly what you want, but that’s not always the case with creative people!  Sometimes you just have to experiment and discover something new.  I’ll help you with that process and capture it.