Mixing and Producing

HGRS also does mixing and producing for those of you who like to do your own tracking.  I welcome your tracks and am set up to import and export from almost any DAW.  However, there are things you can do to make it much easier for us (and overall less time-consuming, and remember, TIME=MONEY).  Rather than go down through the list, take a look at this video by Glenn Fricker at Spectre Sound Studios.  Yeah, he’s funny as well as abrasive, but the info he imparts is right on:

Spectre Sound – Prepare your tracks for mixing (YouTube)

(Check out his other videos, too!)

What’s more, most of this can be done via file transfers over the Internet, so you don’t ever have to show your face here in the studio!  😉  Contact me if you’d like to work this way.